Zucker. Press Days

Donnerstag, 10. April 2014

Hey guys!! Unexpectedly London Fog invited me to their Press Days here in Berlin. They were part of a sweet event launched by Zucker.Communikation joined by other brands and btores like Footlocker, Hati-Hati, Keds, Wrangler, Crumpler and Favourite Flowers. Because shy me (hahaha) didn't want to go alone, I was accompanied by my best friend for ever Julia from The Zone. We were offered drinks and sweets, presented all collections and pieces individually and I'll even be delivered a bouquet of my favourite flowers home by a hot topless guy from Favourite Flowers (No joking, they do this, google them, it's awesome).
And of course I'll be so generous and share my fun day with you guys via some pictures. There were some musthaves that I'm definately gonna check out online... But just see for yourselves :D An outfitpost will be following in a few days, LOVE :*

Eyo Leute!! Unerwarteterweise wurde ich von London Fog zu ihren Press Days eingeladen. Sie waren Teil eines süssen Events organisiert von Zucker.Kommunikation, wo auch Footlocker, Hati-Hati, Keds, Wrangler, Crumpler und Favourite Flowers dabei warn. Und da ich natürlich wenig Lust hatte alleine zu gehen hab ich gleich mal meine beste Freundin für immer Jule von The Zone mitgeschleppt. Es gab lecker Naschzeug und Getränke und uns wurde jede Marke mit ihrer aktuellen Kollektion persönlich vorgestellt. Am Freitag wird mir sogar eine halbnacke Schnitte von Favourtie Flowers meine Lieblingsblumen nach Hause liefern. Kein Witz. Und da ich so ein großzügiger Mensch bin möchte ich natürlich meine Eindrücke mit euch teilen. Da warn auf jeden Fall einige Teile bei, die ich mir nochmal genauer ansehe... Aber schaut einfach selbst :D In ein paar Tagen folgt auch mein heutiges Outfit, LIEBEEE :*


Samstag, 23. November 2013

Was practising with my lovely friend Bea at the studio. We haven't been taking photos for ages and had to refresh our knowledge a little. Being kinda helpless, we were lead by one or two photography students from our uni regarding the softbox and the beauty dish :') Here're some pictures Bea took of me. I'll make sure to edit the pictures I took of her and show them to you some other time. Laters :*

But Grandma, why are your teeth that big?

Freitag, 7. Juni 2013

I've been in love with the theme of the little red riding hood lately. There's just something so fascinating about it, the red hood, the dark forest and the wolf. Just gotta love it! Here're some pictures I took with some of my classmates in studio - we didn't really have an idea what kind of pictures to take and then I found this huge piece of material! Just HAD to do the LRRH! I'll upload pictures I took of my classmate later, she really looks like the real thing! Until then you have to put up with me ;D Likey?

Melancholic days

Donnerstag, 16. Mai 2013

The moment you realize how every second can be your last you suddenly seize the day, your breathe in the warm air filled with sunlight, notice every singing bird and then, eventually as the day goes by, you forget it all.

With dreaming it begins

Montag, 13. Mai 2013

Hey Guys - Sorry for not blogging at all. I'm just working too much. No time for outfitposts - So here's a quick drawing of myself. Hope you still keep checking my blog once in a while, even thought there isn't much to see. I'm still spurprised I have any readers at all haha
Well I'm off, my room is a complete mess... Hope you hear from me soon ;D