Montag, 25. Februar 2013

Just read Pride and Prejudice again, the first time in English. Loved it. What are you guys currently reading? 

Between business and laziness

Donnerstag, 21. Februar 2013

Hey guys, I actually have so much to post about, but I'm too lazy to edit the pictures. Sorry. But here's a fast illustration I made when I got my super cool aquarell pencils for my birthday :D Hope you like it! (just realized, maybe I should have signed on it? But oh well, to late now, don't wanna scan it again :'D)

valentines chocolate recipe

Donnerstag, 14. Februar 2013

Hey Loves, here's a quick recipe on how to make super tasty valentines chocolate, easy and fast. For all those who need a last minute tip to surprise their beloved ones ;D
With this recipe you'll get about 40 pieces of chocolate, but you can double the ingredients of course :)

All you need is:

125g butter
125g powdered sugar
375g grated chocolate couverture
1tbsp cocoa

and for decorating:
150g milk chocolate couverture
150g white chocolate couverture
colourful crumbles
chocolate forms

Step one:
If you're not able to buy grated chocolate, then you do it yourself, it's kind of annoying though :'D 

Step two:
You melt the butter and stir it until it gets fluffy. Then one by one, you slowly keep adding the grated chocolate, the powdered sugar and the cocoa. If the mixture looks all sticky like on the lower first picture, then you have to cover the bowl with plastic foil and pit it in the fridge for about an hour.

Step three:
Now you have to shape the mixture by rolling them in your hands in order to make those small chocolate scoops. It's easier if you wash your hands with cold water beforehand ;D

Step four:
Now feel free to decorate your chocolate in whichever way you want. What looks the best is when you slowly melt the milk and white chocolate couverture with a double boiler and dip your little chocolate scoops into it, turn it around a bit, and then take it out with a small spoon and let it drain well.
Now feel free to put some crumbles on your chocolate and voilá, finished!

Happy Valenties Day!